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Preview: Off Road Kart Plans in the making.

Apologies for not blogging here in quite a while. Behind the scenes more plans and material is been made. Below is a preview of plans for an off-road kart currently being drawn up. Full cutting lists and bills of materials will be created covering all aspects of building the off-road kart, using commonly available materials and parts. For example, for the seat below, which is a modified plastic chair with side reinforcements and padding, will be fully descibed with details on how to adapt it to suit. The wheels shown below are from a wheelbarrow! The idea of these kart plans is to provide details and information on making a low-cost, low-budget kart.

Overview of Off-Road Kart

Front Elevation of the Off-Road Kart

Plan View of the Off-Road Kart

End View of the Off-Road Kart

Off-Road Kart as built

The plans being drawn will contain all the details and information of the the above kart (photo). It will be a few months however before the all the plans, details and information is fully completed for the above kart, so check back soon. If you have any ideas on what should be included in the Plans for this Off-Road Kart, please get in touch and let us know.  

Stay tuned!