Website Review – DIY Kart Step by Step

I had hoped to do an extensive review of the many websites on designing and making go-karts, but I came across the following one which stitches together many different sites on kart plans into one single page in a step by step manner. It has YouTube Videos, Picture slideshows, photos and lots of other information.

It divides up the Step by Step How to Guide into four major sections:

  1. Front A-arms assembly
  2. Main frame assembly
  3. Steering system assembly
  4. Drive axle assembly

It has lots of useful information on engines, videos of engines in use on karts and much more. A picture of it can be seen below. The website address is:—A-Step-by-Step-Guide Hopefully this link and website will remain active. Here is an image of the website:

When I started the first Kartbuilding website in 2001 (archive link), there was very little information available on karts and kart plans on the Internet. In the last few years however the information, videos, plans etc. has increased enormously. This is great news for anyone wanting to build a kart. If you have any good websites on building karts, feel free to drop us an email ( kartbuilding at )