Plans for a Wooden Go-Kart powered by a Lawnmower Engine

I’ve been meaning to update the Basic Wooden Kart plans to include provision for using a Lawnmower Engine to drive the Go-Kart. Quite a lot of people have being asking for the various details for this Wooden Go-Kart, and instead of doing bits and pieces, I decided to model the entire Go-Kart. Key aspects of this kart include:

  • Lawnmower Engine used to power the go-kart.
  • A Clutch system to allow the engine to idle.
  • Using brakes of a bicycle.

I’ve just finished all the 3D Modelling of the kart, and will be doing the Plans and 2D Drawings very soon. Meanwhile below is a taster of what the Lawnmower Engine powered Go-Kart looks like. I did have old plans for this wooden kart, however they were very old, and done in 2D CAD.


3D Model to Zoom / Rotate

If you want to view the Kart in all it’s 3D glory (including details on the throttle and clutch system), click to download the 3DVia Viewer Package of the Wooden Kart (3 MB).



Stay tuned to where I will be publishing the complete set of plans for this engine powered kart. I will also be making some videos showing the assembly of the kart, the key components and the operation of the kart. Following the tips and feedback of many people who contacted me at , I will be making a complete Bill of Materials / Shopping List of part and components, so that anyone will be able to build this kart. If you have any requests on what is included in the 2D printable plans, drop me an email.

5 Responses to “Plans for a Wooden Go-Kart powered by a Lawnmower Engine”

  1. 1 Lee Z.

    Thanks for putting this together! It looks very cool so far. I’ll be checking back to see the full plans.

  2. 2 Stephen Burke 

    Thanks Lee. I’m currently doing up the 2D printable plans. Once I’ve them done I’ll do up some assembly videos showing how the various bits of the kart goes together.

  3. 3 rulzer13

    I want to do that a kart wooden with a motor.Vas pray to rush a bit with the plans (if possible).sorry for my bad English.My email is alexandrescu_andrei1

  4. 4 Stephen Burke 

    Although the webpage for the lawnmower powered wooden go-kart is not fully finished, the plans are. You can get the Master PDF of all the plans for this kart at:

  5. 5 Go Cart World

    Nice 3d model – cheers for the plans 2

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